Always on the lookout for the best advertising solutions for brands, Summit Outdoor Media offers new technologies for their OOH placements to better capture today’s hyper-connected audiences. Targeted, cost-efficient, and powerful, below are the new creative executions and opportunities marketers can leverage to stand out among the hustle and bustle of the city.

Weather-Triggered Content

If content is king, then context is queen. For Summit Outdoor Media, it's all the more important to serve ads in a timely and relevant manner as you can see in their latest OOH promotions for Food Panda. Based on real-time weather information, a certain advertisement can be displayed on the platform to effectively target consumers and influence their purchase behavior. For example, the ad on sinigang will be prioritized over the halo-halo material on a rainy day to maximize weather-driven consumer behaviors such as food cravings.

Day-Specific Ads

With this new technology, your advertising content can be further customized based on the day of the week to make it increasingly relevant. Brands with different daily offers can efficiently advertise their promos by scheduling and uploading content in one go for easy management. 

Time-Appropriate Campaigns

Appropriately timed ads are also one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. Together with your clever content, this capability offered by Summit Outdoor Media enables marketers to reach their audience by releasing the campaign right when it matters. Advertisers can also be the official time provider for consumers on the move through Time of Day Sponsorship.

Location-Specific Product Push

Aside from seizing the perfect moment with time-based executions, you can now deliver your message relevant to the place with the combined help of Summit Outdoor Media’s new digital technology and audience data. Here, you can use creative templates, customize messages on the fly, and target specific audiences per location.

Dynamic Billboards

Do you have a mid-day flash sale or a new collection to launch? News Tickers and Countdowns on your digital billboard material are also possible with Summit Outdoor Media. Amplify your campaign strategy and drop announcements, create excitement, or build anticipation for a new product or service you’re offering on a larger scale with these new executions. 

Other out-of-the-box capabilities you can add to your placements are the weather, time, and calendar widgets. You can also combine media formats and play your brand’s video with your static material with their Multimedia Screens.

Real-Time and Interactive Placements

Take your content further and create an engaging experience for your audience with OOH materials they can directly collaborate with. For one, you can do Crowd Sourcing and ask people to answer through a QR code. You can also utilize your social media assets and stream your online content with Live Social Feed. And yes, this also means you can widen your audience for your now digital marketing events and product launches with Live Broadcast.

Road Domination

Create an even immersive experience and take over the city by delivering synchronized creatives along C5 and EDSA with Simulcast. Whether identical or differently designed creative placements, marketers can play their advertisements at the same time and guarantee wide audience coverage with this feature and Summit Outdoor Media’s prime locations.

When conceptualized and executed well, these new capabilities offer unlimited potential to reach and influence today’s ever-busy consumers in the new normal.

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