OOH advertisers know that when it comes to catching people’s attention, competition is ruthless. When every billboard is bright, colourful, and eye-catching, the only way to make your brand standout is to focus your efforts into making your ad as creative and engaging as possible.

The answer may be found above EDSA Guadalupe. Introducing Summit Outdoor Media’s first ever immersive 3D animation video and Summit Media’s fresh new offering that takes the OOH scene in the Philippines into the future by having your ads literally fly off the billboard.

Having access to this type of technology can allow brands to have more creative and unique executions for their ads that utilize 3D optical illusions on flat LED screens that play on the depth perception of their viewers–a first in the Philippines.

Here are some of the ways 3D advertising can elevate your brands’ ads:

It can capture attention with entertaining AR advertisements

In an oversaturated landscape, you need something fresh to make people look up at your ad. An underrated aspect of 3D animation is that it can also entertain—which is another vital factor for capturing attention. Take the 3D Shinjuku Cat in Japan as an example. You also have an advantage when your ads are more memorable than your competitors’. 

It can enhance your storytelling and create an engaging experience 

Unlike traditional billboards, 3D billboards provide pleasing visuals, colours, transitions, and animations, encouraging people to stop and experience these gratifying visuals and effects. You also have more flexibility on how to disseminate your brand’s message and trigger an emotional connection with your audience. 

It can increase your dwell time

3D billboards add texture to protruding graphics, so it seems like you can touch them. With more senses involved, the experience becomes more immersive, making people want to engage for a longer period than with static images. 

It can increase the potential of your add to go viral

The more unique your ad is, the more likely people will want to post and share it! So, allow yourself to think out-of-this-box and maximize all the possibilities 3D animation billboards offer. 

It can help people remember your brand

If your audience remembers your ad, and therefore, your product or service, then you know that your campaign was a success. With its novelty, flexibility in terms of storytelling, and immersive nature, you can create memorable experiences for your audiences and maybe even increase your conversions! 

Learn more about Summit Outdoor Media’s OOH offerings by visiting their official website.

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