The love for Korean drama and music has taken over the world by storm and there is no denying that the Hallyu wave is here to stay. Along with this craze comes the growing fandoms who share the same love and interest for their idols, artists, and actors. In South Korea, projects for celebrities are a normal fan tradition among the fandom. Local fandoms in the Philippines do not fall behind from these fan traditions.

Every fandom goes all out to show their support for their favorite K-artists. From mass buying albums and merchandise to streaming their music across platforms, fans give their best when it comes to supporting their ultimate biases. Aside from these, there are many other ways for fans to show their love for their favorite K-celebrities. Here, we’ll share popular fan projects in the Philippines every local fandom can do to support their oppas.

Cupsleeve Events

Cupsleeve events are a very popular way of celebrating an idol’s birthday, anniversary, or achievement. In this event, fans rent a cafe as a venue for a day or two and decorate the place with themed merchandise, posters, and more. This is a very common fan project in the Philippines mimicking the same kind of event originating in South Korea with fans lining up in cafes for a cupsleeve with their ultimate oppas printed on it. To receive a cupsleeve and other merchandise, fans will have to buy a beverage from the cafe.

Other than celebrating, fans also see this type of event as a way to connect with each other and meet new like-minded people to befriend. However, due to the current pandemic, cupsleeve events are currently not being held in the country in compliance with the social distancing measures implemented by the government.

Donation Drives

Another fan project a lot of fandoms still like to do are donation drives for a cause. Many local and international K-fan groups organize donation links for charity in the name of their most-loved K-celebrities. Some common proceeds of donation drives are for calamity stricken communities, animal care centers, health facilities, and more.

Most celebrities and artists acknowledge their fans for their efforts in helping the community and this gives the fandom a sense of pride for doing these charitable drives for their idols.

Social Media Ads

With the rise of digital assets on social media, many fandoms have explored this platform as a medium to promote and support their favorite K-artists. From Youtube advertisements to Instagram paid story ads, every fandom has become every artist’s very own publicity team when it comes to promoting themselves across different social media platforms.

So, the next time you swipe through a K-Instagram advertisement on your IG story, you will know there is a very proud fandom behind it.

Out-of-Home Ads

And finally, perhaps the grandest gesture of all the fan projects any fandom can do for their favorite K-celebrities, the OOH Billboard ads or LED advertising from Summit Outdoor Media. This is the biggest fan project for any fandom because of the huge visibility along major roads and highways. Imagine seeing an LED of BTS along EDSA, who wouldn’t want to stare? This type of execution works well in promoting your favorite K-celebs with its strategic location with more than 700,000 cars passing by the Guadalupe Bridge in Mandaluyong.

If you want to set up a billboard placement for your next fan project, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book your placement:

Step 1: Set a date for your advertisement.

Plan ahead and set a date when to air your ad. Placements are usually aired three working days upon submission. Send different versions to Summit Outdoor Media and make use of their specific time-based ads for any time of the day.

Step 2: Choose your billboard location and size.

Summit Outdoor Media has five different locations for you to choose from: EDSA Guadalupe, EDSA Forum, EDSA GCC, C5 Northbound, and C5 Southbound. It is also possible to air your ad placement in two or more different locations at the same time. To know more about the size and location click here.

Step 3: Prepare your budget.

Rates are flexible and usually differ on the number of spots and which site you would choose to air your ad. Ready your budget and ask help from the fandom on how to raise funds for the project—they’ll be willing to pitch in!

Step 4: Send an email to Summit Outdoor Media.

Once you’re all set and planned, send an email at and have your ad aired on the big LED screen. Feel free to ask questions and clarifications in case you have any. After this, a contract will be given to you then you can send your material and payment. After sending the final material and settling your payment, Summit OOH will schedule your ad for airing.

Step 5: Get ready for the big day.

Summit Outdoor Media will be sending monitoring photos once the materials are up on site. Fans can also visit the location so they can experience the big screen live and personal and feel proud of the project they all participated in for their favorite K-celebrities.

At present, Summit Outdoor Media has already aired placements for many K-celebrities like BLACKPINK’s Jennie, IU, BTS’ J-Hope, and BTOB’s Changsub.

Photo by Summit Outdoor Media.
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