Digital out-of-home media is the next biggest thing to revolutionize the Philippines’ advertising landscape. With its sharpness and brightness, LED visual displays create eye-catching and memorable content that effectively conveys advertisers’ messages.

JG Summit Holdings, Inc., one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the Philippines, recently concluded its first-ever Digital Enterprise Conference last August 6 and 7 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria. Companies from various digital fields presented their newest and most innovative solutions at the two-day event.

To provide conference attendees with additional insight into the various products and services offered, the event’s partner exhibitors showcased their significant technological breakthroughs, from cloud-based platforms, machine learning, enterprise networks, business agility, and more.

Summit Outdoor Media, a key player in the country’s advertising industry, together with its exclusive partner for LED hardware technology, QSTECH, shared the latest in groundbreaking digital-out-of-home executions, as well as the elements of a successful digital outdoor media campaign. Representing Summit Outdoor Media was Menard Medina, Digital Solution Sales and Product Development Manager, along with Woods Jin, QSTECH Director for Sales & Marketing.

Summit Outdoor Media currently has LED billboards in high-consumer traffic locations such as Robinsons Forum, EDSA Guadalupe, Galleria Corporate Center, and URC C5-Southbound, among others.

QSTECH has provided LED display solutions for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and has worked with the top media company in Australia. It has also nurtured a strong business relationship with Middle East Broadcast Group, the biggest media company in the Middle East.

The possibilities are seemingly limitless with the adaptability of LED display ad technology. LED screens are now thinner, lighter, and can take on irregular shapes to create a look and feel like no other. QSTECH even shared past executions such as rotating screens and multi-paneled installations in the shape of an upside-down pyramid and a column.

“One of the projects we handled was for a TV studio in Dubai,” recalled Jin. “The top view of the display was shaped like a star. There were around 10 pieces in total of this display and each of the pieces have different heights so when you are standing in front of the screen and looking at the screen, it actually gives you a different view of the whole picture. You will feel that you are actually looking at many different screens simultaneously and it gives you a new experience as well.”

For more elaborate installations, different LED screens can also display to form one singular image or show different images per panel or column.

The beauty of LED technology is that even with the odd shapes it can take on, the viewing angle and brightness is still optimized for the targeted consumer traffic. Advertisers need to consider a digital out-of-home advertisement’s weight load, wind resistance, and brightness for outdoor use even in midday.

While LED display ad technology provides advertisers with an attractive means of promoting their products and services, content remains the key element for a successful digital outdoor media campaign.

“Gone are the days where you just have a rectangular shape or a square-shaped LED screen,” said Medina. “You can be as creative as you want, depending on what you need and what you want to do. But you also need to consider factors such as the content and the creativity of the execution.”

Before clients can launch their outdoor ads in strategic high-consumer traffic locations, it’s important for them as well to come up with a story and message that will resonate with their targeted audience. Factors such as the timing, relevance and relatability also come into play. When consumers are able to establish a connection with the ad’s message, the more they will remember the ad and take the prescribed action.

“Everyone is saying that content is king, and this is true,” added Medina. “Why are there so many content creators right now? Because this is what sells now. This is what people find interesting.”

Medina went on to share examples of successful, creative campaigns, including that of a music streaming app showing ordinary users’ most played songs, and that of an interactive billboard with a provocative visual, promoting an advocacy. The music streaming app ad generated millions of individual user profiles that gave a glimpse into their varying listening preferences. The interactive billboard, on the other hand, showcased images that would transform whenever people would look up at it directly. Digital ads such as these make use of cutting-edge facial recognition technology that activates the special effect, as well as measure the engagement with the ad.

“Why do you think showing real-life examples works? Because these are the things that people can relate to,” explained Medina. “If something happens to you, when you see something related to that, that’s already a connection that you built with your audience.”

With Summit Outdoor Media at the forefront of these digital out-of-home display innovations, more and more companies can benefit from attractive visual displays, creative content, and overall, effective digital campaigns.

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