With an increasingly work-from-home world leading to lesser amount of traffic, the future of out-of-home media in a post-pandemic environment may seem bleak at first. However, we at Summit Outdoor Media believe otherwisewith the help of data from our new technology called Summit Outdoor Media's Vehicle Recognition Devices and Dashboard.

Contrary to most forecasts saying fewer people will be out and about, traffic in the metro has actually increased post-ECQ. As of June 22, our collected vehicle data from various parts of the metro show that there's an astounding 162% increase in daily vehicle traffic from the numbers during the ECQ. This is actually greater than the traffic count pre-ECQ and can go even go higher as traffic increases by 39% day by day. 

In addition to this, we also see more commuters take private transportation than mass transit based on our data on vehicle types. Motorcycles take the lead with 13.20% increase in average daily count, while trucks, cars, and buses follow respectively. 

What does this tell us? The demand and opportunity for outdoor media is definitely back—and it's even greater than before as more businesses reopen and cities resume to life. Aside from significant insights like this and the
 accurate count of potential viewers of your billboard material, Summit Outdoor Media's Vehicle Recognition Devices and Dashboard also provides other relevant data on traffic patterns and audience behaviors. These enable and guide us in developing optimized solutions and smarter ways to engage with today's new audience.

Day-specific ads? Time-triggered campaigns? Location-targeted content? These are just some of the many possibilities you can explore with us as guided by our data so we can deliver impact when and where it matters.

Indeed, data is power and those who know how to utilize it will rule the world.


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