The pandemic may have forced many businesses to close, but it has also pushed some to redirect their efforts to aid in the fight against COVID-19. Liquor companies find themselves producing disinfectant alcohol. Airlines are transporting much-needed medical supplies. Fashion retailers are producing personal protective equipment.

For outdoor media, the rules have also changed. The challenge is no longer about getting advertisers to sign contracts, but in finding ways to be truly relevant and of service.

At Summit Outdoor Media, our LED assets were used to help spread relevant information about the coronavirus during the ECQ, such as daily updates on COVID-19 figures, public service announcements, and advocacy-driven content. Safety reminders, like proper hand hygiene through the 'Wash Your Hands' campaign, were displayed on the big screen. We had also reached out to the public, calling for entries to help us pay homage to #HealthHeroes and #ServiceChamps who are risking their lives, so that we could live ours.

Several brands have also turned to and partnered with OOHfrom Fitness First's advocacy on living a healthy lifestyle to UNICEF Philippines' fundraising campaign to help frontlinersso they could effectively communicate the initiatives they're doing and get their messages of hope and support out to the public. For these, Summit Outdoor Media did its part by providing approximately PHP 13.2 million-worth of free spots for 29 of their esteemed clients with the common goal of inspiring and educating peopleespecially those who do not have access to the internet.

As a way to lift people's spirits up, festive and heartwarming campaigns were also released to celebrate Mother's Day (in partnership with Smart Parenting), Father's Day, Pride Month, and Philippine Independence Day.

Indeed, OOH has always been more than an advertising medium and these campaigns have proven just that. And while one could argue that with fewer commuters, outdoor media doesn't seem to be as relevant, we say this matters not for we have already come to terms with our purpose. If we can influence and inspire even just one person to keep fighting the good fight, to be a good example to their friends and family, to find ways to help wherever they can, we consider this a win—not just for us, but for everyone in the community. 

Now, as restrictions ease and the public gets back on the streets, trust that Summit Outdoor Media is more than readywith up-to-date audience reports and digital technologiesto respond to the new normal and demonstrate the power of OOH.

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