Screen displays jump at you no matter where you go. And for most brands, going big is the typical response. While giant flashing billboards along EDSA are sure to boost awareness and recall, it isn’t the only display solution for brands.

Influencer marketing, combined with user-generated content, has become a big part of building up a beauty brand. Now with so much content readily available, it all boils down to how the brand harnesses and comes up with a creative way of showcasing it. It’s about making the content work smarter, not harder, and Menard Medina, Manager of Summit Outdoor Media for Digital Hardware Sales Solution and Product Development agrees.

“The solutions that we provide are not just outdoor, but also indoor. We have a variety of products—basically anything that has to do with display or signage—from traditional to digital display, but we’re really most excited to bring the CRIUS LED technology to the Philippines,” says Medina. “The CRIUS is a rectangular display similar to a TV unit. It uses Japanese technology for a more energy-efficient product that offers unparalleled color vividness and clarity of output which makes it stand out compared to other LEDs out there.”

In the country, Summit Outdoor Media is the exclusive distributor of QS-TECH—the company that manufactures CRIUS displays, and Medina sees the CRIUS’ great potential as an inventive marketing tool for beauty and wellness brands.

“The CRIUS is one of the most creative portable LEDs in the market right now because it's mobile, and it would make for a great LED poster or standee at a beauty booth or in-store. It's very easy to set up and very easy to install. You can drag it anywhere you want, and then it's a plug-and-play hardware, so you can use a flash drive, your mobile phone, or your laptop to upload content. CRIUS [units] are internet-ready and equipped with LAN connection ports, too, so you can remotely upload content anytime you want from anywhere you are. You can even schedule your content because each CRIUS unit has a built-in player.”

What truly sets the CRIUS apart from other displays is its flexibility to accommodate creative executions when it comes to content. You can actually combine up to 12 CRIUS [units] and program them to play one scaled-up content, so you can have your own billboard of sorts.

“You can position the CRIUS horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and form whatever shape you want—think jigsaw puzzle—and it will still be able to seamlessly play your content. You can even experiment with innovative splicing to show different pieces of content on each panel, which can then come together as a whole to form one big picture,” explains Medina.

Successful beauty brands know how to stay on top of trends whether it be celebs or with digital marketing. Now, if they are also able to stay on top of and capitalize on available new tech, they’ll never run out of fun, fresh, and creative new ways to reach more people, attract more customers, and grow their business.

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