Every day, you hear news about the COVID-19 vaccines. And with so much information, we know how it can be difficult to understand and decide whether or not you should get your shot. Let us simplify them for you. Below, we round up the frequently asked questions about the vaccines and the vaccination rollout in the country today to help you make an informed decision.

What are the available COVID-19 vaccines in the Philippines?

The first delivery of COVID-19 vaccines from SinoVac arrived last February 28, 2021 and as of press time, there are already four available brands in the country with an inventory of more than 7.7 million doses. These are SinoVac, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Sputnik V.

Which vaccine should I get?

Health experts say “the best vaccine is the one in your arm.” While each shot’s efficacy rate varies, the bottom line is all authorized vaccines work effectively against the most severe cases of the deadly virus.

To know if you’re eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, click here.

Why should you get yourself vaccinated?

In the battle against COVID-19, the most important thing is to get protection and reduce your chances of contracting the virus and passing it to those around you. Vaccines work by triggering an immune response within the body and building resistance, so that if it encounters the actual disease-causing virus, it already knows how to defeat it.

By getting vaccinated, you also help push for herd immunity which happens when a large part of the population becomes immune to the virus that it has nowhere to go; thus stopping the spread and saving lives.

When can you receive the vaccine?

With limited vaccines available, the government has released a list of priority recipients based on the recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are the priority subgroups who have been receiving the doses since the vaccination program started last March 1, 2021: frontline healthcare workers (A1), senior citizens (A2), persons with comorbidities (A3), frontline personnels in essential sectors (A4), and the indigent population (A5).

Next in line shall be the B group which includes teachers and social workers (B1), other government workers (B2), other essential workers (B3), socio-demographic groups at significantly higher risk other than senior citizens and indigenous people (B4), OFWs (B5), and other remaining workforce (B6). The rest of the Filipino population are classified in the C group and will receive the vaccines last.

While waiting for your vaccine and even after getting vaccinated, it is advised to continue observing the health and safety protocols, such as physical distancing and wearing of face masks, to prevent further spread of the virus.

Summit Outdoor Media supports the PH vaccine rollout and the fight against COVID-19 through running these vaccine advisories on all their LED sites in NCR and Cebu.

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How can you register?

There are several ways you can register for your COVID-19 shot. One can be through your employer and another option is via your local government unit (LGU) which you can do offline in your respective barangay halls and online. We list down the links to the available online registration forms in the Greater Manila area and Cebu here:

Metro Manila









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