The idea of going digital can be daunting, especially if you’re used to running your company a certain way, but you might be surprised at how a few upgrades can have a ripple effect on your entire business. Here are a few ways digital solutions can change the ball game for you and your clients.

It makes your company more efficient.

When people talk about digital transformation, they automatically assume that it means going paperless–and they’re not wrong. However, there’s a lot more at stake here than just saving the environment. At its most basic, adapting digital strategies helps automate certain time-consuming processes, making outdated systems obsolete.

Take some of today’s fast-food restaurants for example. You’ll find that some of them have replaced their traditional menu boards with digital screens, barring the need for the crew to replace them after the breakfast rush. “With digital signage plus the software, they can easily do animated menus and ads by just using one PC for all branches where they do the content creation and content scheduling on their server in the Control Center,” says Summit Outdoor Media Digital Array Division Officer Ronald Ryan Roque.

Collaboration becomes easier.

The bigger a business gets, the harder it is to get everyone in the same room. Instead of waiting until everyone’s schedule aligns perfectly, however, some companies have embraced the future, turning to digital solutions to make collaborations happen even from different parts of the world.

One way they do is by using digital screens that double as whiteboards. These screens don’t just let those who are in the same room write notes on the glass panels themselves, but also allow those who are elsewhere to make real-time contributions.

You get to collect valuable data. 

Information is key to improving your product or service no matter what industry you’re in. Something as simple as a tracker, for example, can tell you when your sales are the strongest or which inventories are moving faster than anything else. More sophisticated technology can even help you profile your most loyal customers and see opportunities you might not have considered.

In fact, in some retail stores, there are already screens that don’t just give customers a unique experience, but also identify their demographic in a matter of seconds. “Facial recognition technology, wherein a camera is installed on a digital screen, combined with the right software algorithms, can help companies identify the gender, age, mood, and purchasing behavior of customers as they look at the product being flashed on the screen,” says Roque.

These are just some of the ways your business can benefit from digital solutions. If you’re interested to know how else you can upgrade your systems at work or get more data out of your customers, check out the Digital Solutions page or send us a message here.

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